About Haley

Hard work, attention to detail, enthusiasm and high-quality results are the name of Haley’s game!

Following earning her Bachelor of Science in Human Communication and three years of working in the fashion and retail industries, Haley found her true passion in Product Development - whether that be writing the code herself or helping to strategize and deliver valuable product to consumers. Since making the leap to development in June 2020, she has gained hands on experience designing, building, and delivering several front end and fullstack web based applications and websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, SQL and React, allowing Haley to flex her creative muscles, as well as her analytical and problem solving skills.

After learning how to code, working on personal and freelance development projects, working with many talented individuals and being exposed to different areas of product development, Haley has decided to pursue a career in product ownership, an opportunity that utilizes her wide range of strengths and interests. As a front-end developer with a background in customer service and public relations, she brings a unique perspective to product ownership and can view problems through a unique lens and provide creative and effective solutions.

Haley is passionate about this new chapter of her professional life and is eager to contribute her skills to and grow with a company full time within the tech space. With an industry that is in a constant state of change, Haley is enthusiastic and eager to implement new methodologies and strategies, hone her skills and work hard to deliver high-quality products and results.

Let's get building!

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